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Small Press Fortnight Blog Tour - Master Schedule

The Small Press Fortnight blog tour officially begins tomorrow! Every day for the next two weeks, one of the tour’s bloggers will be talking about a small publisher at their blog. Here’s the full schedule so you can follow along and I’ll be linking to the posts on this master schedule as they go up:

Master Schedule

Week One

Tues 3rd July: I kick off the project by spotlighting a range of titles from small publishers that are sitting on my book shelves and some titles I really want.

I’ll also be providing a space to drop links so that anyone not taking part in the tour can send me links to any posts they want to write about small publishers during the fortnight.

Weds 4th July: Alex from The Sleepless Reader profiles Tindal Street Press.

Thurs 5th July: I provide a round up of links to books I’ve reviewed that were produced by small publishers.

Fri 6th July: Doret from The Happy Nappy Bookseller talks about Cinco Punto Press.

Sun 8th July: Charlie from The Wormhole talks about the Persephone shop and a Peirene Press salon.

Week Two

Tues 10th July: Amy Mckie from Amy Reads about Feminist Press.

Weds 11th July: Alex from The Sleepless Reader profiles And Other Stories.

Thurs 12th July: Ana from thingsmeanalot profiles Small Beer Press.

Fri 13th July: Aarti from Booklust reviews 'Changes' by Ama Ata Aidoo, published by The Feminist Press.

Sat 14th July: Verity from cardigangirlverity posts about a range of small publishers who revive forgotten classics.

Hope you enjoy following along :)