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Small Press Fortnight - Review Spotlight

Two posts in as many days at Bookgazing. A – wait for it – Mazement. Amazement!

Today, as part of Small Press Fortnight, I’m spotlighting some of the books I’ve reviewed over the past few years that came from small publishers.

'Stone in a Landslide' – Maria Barbal( Peirene Press)
'Next World Novella' – Matthia Politycki (Peirene Press)
'Tomorrow Pamplona' - Jan van Mersbergen (Peirene Press)
'The Hopkins Manuscript' – R C Sheriff ( Persephone Books)
'Dimanche & Other Stories' – Irene Nemirovsky (Persephone Books)
'Tankborn' - Karen Sandler ( Tu Books) - reviewed at ladybusiness
'Walk to the End of the World' – Suzy Mckee Charnas ( The Women’s Press)
'The Needle in the Blood' – Sarah Bower ( Snowbooks)
'The Book of Love' – Sarah Bower (Snowbooks)
'The Affinity Bridge' – George Mann (Snowbooks)
'The Osiris Ritual' – George Mann (Snowbooks)

Have you read any of these books? What did you think of them?

Now these reviews go back to 2007. As you can see despite my enthusiasm for the work of small publishers I haven’t actually reviewed many books from small publishers over the years, I’d like to try and change that going forward. So which excellent books, produced by small publishers would you recommend I put on my list?

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I recommend Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones