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bookgazing ([personal profile] bookgazing) wrote2012-10-07 11:15 pm

Return to Ballou

Guys Lit Wire are back buying books for Ballou High School again. That's the school that posted this video appeal a couple of years back.

Guys Lit Wire have helped the librarian Melissa Jackson increase her librarys stock over the past couple of years. This year you can see some pictures of what the library looks like and it looks so much fuller, but the students are still a way off from seeing their library to hit the American Library Association's recommended average of 11 books per student. So far just over 100 books have been bought off the 450 book wish list. They're hoping for a sold out list.

So often we don't know what to do. This is one of the things those of us with enough money for a used book can do. If you can, make a purchase from the wish list by 14th October 2012 or increase the volume around this campaign by splashing it all over your social networks.