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First Day Back at the Office

I worked from home on Friday and Monday (bonus of getting a laptop when we all got our new work machines - no need to take holiday for snow). Today was my first day back and no lie, I was feeling pretty down about returning to the office. I liked being able to organise my own time. I liked not sitting right by a bunch of managers... But we all gotta work and if we don't like our jobs we gotta find ways to keep ourselves going, so today I took my lunch outside and went for a snowy walk by the canal:

a snowy scene including canal, canal bridge and birds

I tried to build a snowman but it didn't really work out so I had to settle for a stroll and some pretty:

a canal lock covered in snow

And then later, the guy upstairs in our building took his dog out in the snow behind our office. Watching dogs play, it cures what ails you.
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Sorry about the work blues *hugs* But dogs do make everything better. Love the pictures.

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Your snow really is kind of pretty. I spend mornings working at home on my laptop and afternoons in the office. Guess when I feel like I get more done! (morning, duh)

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Oh I am so with you about the dog. I was having a bad night last night, lots of unaccountable anxiety. So I got up in the middle of the night and went downstairs where the cat lolled about and pranced around and sat on my lap and it was most cheering. What a nuisance you had to go back to the office - the culture of visibility irritates the hell out of me.

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It's the time of year when everything just seems extra depressing, especially working. :( I'm glad the snow helped, but I think some sunshine would be even better!

Meghan @ Medieval Bookworm

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This one time, I was having a terrible day. I walked out of a landromat, and locked eyes with a small dog across the street. We just looked at each other; ape, canine, canine, ape. We recognized each other as fellow creatures of the earth. (Dogs bring out my Muppet!Janine.) And then he and his owner continued walking, and I felt much better.

I think this is why I like dogs so much; they're so in the moment that they drag you into the moment. (Also, they're fluffy and some of them have blue tongues and my nephew, the chillest baby on earth, thinks dogs are pretty cool.)