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Coverage of Women in SF/F Blogs (2012) - posted today at lady business

Today Renay launches Coverage of Women in SF/F Blogs (2012) over at lady business:

'Project thesis: when looking at a sample of bloggers reviewing SF/F, a majority of men will skew toward reviewing more men. A majority of women will skew toward a more equal gender parity, or the opposite in which they review a majority of women. There will be a handful of outliers.'

This study follows on from last year's examination of the visibility of female SFF authors in blog reviews and the results speak so well for themselves that's what Renay is letting them do this year.

Well worth a read if you're interested in gender parity in general, if you're interested in books and blogging, if you were once again depressed by the VIDA statistics this year, if you're part of the SFF blogging community, or if you just enjoy data projects for their own sake (lookey - charts).

The study is also accompanied by lots of interesting supplemental material that you can peruse at your leisure. Lots of tools here for the long slog ahead.