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'The Vampire Diaries': Series Three: Episodes 16 - 20

Finally, I’ve written up my thoughts about the next disc of ‘‘TVD’’ S3. Sorry, Amy and Iris I know I’m taking ages to get to the end of the series.

Episode Sixteen: ‘1912’

Taken from the Wikipedia entry for this episode:

’In flashbacks to 1912, Damon recalls a beautiful vampire, named Sage (Cassidy Freeman), who showed him a whole new way to exist: a woman is not only a prey, but also a pleasure.’


• Personally, I think this episode is the absolute worst. It seems like it’s going to be cool, what with the awkward Salvatore reconciliation in the flashback sequences and their Hardy Boys style investigations in the present, but it quickly goes down, down, down hill. I appreciate what Amy says about how this episode builds the brother’s relationship. And we see how equal their relationship is despite the program previously establishing that Stefan is the good brother; they’re constantly trading ways of messing each other up and each time they regret their actions so much that they commit hard as to fixing what they’ve done. I like the feeling that the series may be concentrating on how longevity affects a vampire’s relationships and morals, because the differences between humans and vampires are just as interesting to me as the humanity inside a ‘TVD’ vampire. But there was just too much else that bugged me in this episode.

• One detail that set me off, because of Iris’ thoughts about the gay subtext in this program, is when Damon is trying to get Stefan to feed and he directs him away from the male boxer that he’s going to go for initially and turns him towards a woman. Again, looks iffy when we think about the possible running subtext.

• Also I really hate the ripping; it’s a violent invention that I find particularly disturbing for some reason. I’m actually more squicked out by it than by Mason Lockwood’s death (who thought that was possible) so every time it happens again I go a little further away from ‘TVD’.

• Sage… When we see her in the flashback, she’s all rawr - the lady vampire boxer who brings grown men to their knees. This seems excellent, but soon she’s really misogynistic and hey, also the lady who taught the disturbing female destroyer Damon all he knows. What’s the big idea making Damon’s teacher a woman ‘TVD’? This feels really off. I think Amy’s idea that so many of the mentors are women, but that really only the relationships with a male mentor (Klaus/Caroline) get a lot of shipping attention/real romantic action in the program is intriguing. Yes, very interesting. Maybe the exception is Caroline/Tyler when she’s teaching him early on, but otherwise I can’t think of any mentor relationship that diverges from the trend.

• Thinking about the events of future episodes and Sage’s relationship with Finn I agree with Amy that she is a hugely wasted character. She could have been so interesting (if still totally creepy).

• Also, hurray Sage’s introduction means we get to see the reappearance of women throwing slurs at each other, as Rebekah and her do not get on. I mean there just can’t be enough of this on screen right? *rolls eyes*

• Matt and Elena are making suggestive faces at each other. I am ambivalent about any hints that they might end up together, because I think it’s pretty well established that she will never really love him. How do you form a relationship after that? If Elena has to be in a romantic relationship, can we have a new human character for Elena please?

• And hrm I’m not sure how I feel about the idea that she loves Stefan partly because he’ll never die. 1.) Elena has seen a lot of vamps die. 2.) I feel like this is another push from the program to make the viewers to get on board with Delena, rather than an organic emotional statement.

• I wish we got to see more of the gathering at Bonnie’s mother’s house. I thought her trip into the garden where she realised that she was cut off from nature was so simply done and so devastating. Her wild eyes and her genuine sadness really communicate how it feels to be apart from something so integral to your being. It made me want to be more involved with nature.

• And then this episode gets worse by revealing that Alaric is a serial killer, which means his tragic death is on the way. At least it’s not Meredith (although Torrey DeVito does a great menacing face). But still, this is awful.

Episode Seventeen: ‘Break on Through’

• Another episode about that stupid tree storyline – dull.

• Alright at the end where Damon is like, the bridge may be burnt but mwahaha we still have the sign, that was as much cool as it was ridiculous.

• Sage is again awful and misogynistic here. I assume the writers thought that if ideas about female weakness came from a female mouth they would play better with the audience. Hilariously wrong. And, look if you are going to set up an invitation to a threesome, follow through program creators.

• I love how well the show evokes sympathy, instead of judgement, when it comes to showing how insecure Rebekah is. I have feelings about female characters like that and they could do with more understanding representation. But I’m also really over Damon being the focus of her insecurities, because he doesn’t think twice about exploiting them and making them worse. Again a realistic, toxic situation but personally I could see less of it.

• Meredith and Alaric : ( I fully endorse a romance between them, so I’m sad that it looks like Alaric is headed for the permanent grave. By the way, Matthew Davis is really good at transforming himself into other characters. I believe in his serial killer personality, just as much as I believed he had been inhabited by Klaus in S2. I know serial killer Alaric is poles apart from regular Alaric so it shouldn’t be too hard to make them distinct characters, but the way he uses his face really makes me forget regular Alaric even exists for a while.

• Mind invasion is my least paranormal trope. Go way mind invasion story lines.

• PS. Spin off for Bonnie’s mother?

Episode Eighteen: ‘The Murder of One’

• The Damon/Rebekah storyline in this episode strangely bored me and is then resolved in an awkward way. I can kind of imagine Rebekah just getting bored and dropping her revenge, because her character is based off a stereotype of the cruel queen - inflicting pain is satisfying for her, but once her fun is interrupted she loses the thread and wants to move on to other things even if business isn’t concluded. She’s the flip the switch torturer, not the taking care of business torturer Klaus or even Katherine can be. And as such, doesn’t she make a good match for Damon? But I don’t think Delena can be derailed unfortunately. Anyway, getting back on track, Rebekah releasing Damon fits with her characterisation, but it still feels off, like the writers running out of ideas. More elegance would be nice.

• Awww I really liked Sage and Finn’s relationship, brief though it was. When she comes down the stairs and says his name it was heart stopping. And then she talks to him about her joyful, sinful living and they have a conversation about morals while drinking tequila! It’s nice to see a character that isn’t all angst all the time and the whole thing makes me forget that I hate both of them. I just want her to save him - see this is what I mean about ‘TVD’’s gift for persuasion. But sadly, their happy ending is not to be.

• I like the new death twist the writers add in this episode, where a whole vamp bloodline can be wiped out by killing the sire. Like the ghosts this is a solid new fantasy concept they’ve introduced, unlike Alaric’s mentally destructive ring which I hate (fine, fine, it’s original and interesting - stop killing my characters ‘TVD’).

• With that in mind, Tyler and his connection to Klaus distresses me further! I’m reasonably sure he makes it to S4, but seeing as how no one cares about him besides Caroline I think he’s going to have some major obstacles to overcome on the way. Poor Tyler.

• And can people please start thinking their plans through properly. Klaus can compel you to tell the truth. So lying should never be your go to plan.

Episode Nineteen: ‘Heart of Darkness’

• ‘I KNEW VAMPIRES COULD TRAVEL TO DENVER’ – Oh that’s just Amy, speaking THE TRUTH. Sending Jeremy away was such a stupid idea – terrible, terrible plan team. Jeremy’s compulsion means that he doesn’t even know to be wary of Kol (sad that his name is not in fact Cole, as I said in my last post, but Kol is still a cool name) which leaves him even more defenceless. Bad plan. Very bad plan.

• The vampire road trip returns. Usually I love these episodes, but this is where Delena begins in earnest so *frowny face*.

• I do not like it, I do not like it, I do not like it.

• Hi Rose, you are great, but you are also dead and I’m going to use that as grounds to declare your romantic ideas unsound.

• Rargh the idea that Stefan is Elena’s safety choice is just…. Rargh! I am so unhappy about that. Someone saying that forces you to see how it could be true and now I just pity Stefan because he’s Jacob essentially. He’s poor, hot Jacob transported into a vampire triangle of romantic doom. And the program is going to endorse it because they want to move viewers on to Delena and… I am so unhappy with this pushiness.

• Rebekah I love you, please everyone get off her back. I like the ‘It’s not enough’ sentiment that Rebekah brings out here when her mother says she’s had a long life, maybe because I am fond of the cynical school of immortality stories that say everything would be dull if we lived forever and we’d want to die sooner than we think. Given perfect health I kind of think immortality would suit me. There are problems of course, as if everyone around you is mortal they die and there’s heartbreak, but… this world is so endlessly fascinating. I don’t think I would ever really want to give that up if I had a choice (and again could have perfect health - read enough stories about genies granting badly formed wishes to be wary).

Amy’s post about this episode is much smarter. She has thoughts while I am just screaming NO, NO, NO at the replays of that kiss inside my head.

Episode Twenty: ‘Do Not Go Gentle’

• Alaric and Jeremy. Alaric and Elena. Jeremy in the bar with Matt and the shot and the tear! The candlelight vigil. Meredith and Alaric. OMG Damon in the tomb with him. Excuse me I will just be over here weeping. Never getting over it.

• Again, Amy has thoughts, I just have tears. Maybe if someone prompts me I will have more to say than *sob*.

On my way to the final episodes!
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yaaaaaaaaay that you liked Sage and Finn, tbh! I mean I agree about all of the icky parts of Sage's sl, but I was like gimme some fanfic about these two now!

Interesting your thoughts on immortality. I feel know how when you're a teenager you just feel everything so sharply and everything is huge? Like the first time you fall in love is different to every other time you fall in love because it's the first time. I don't know I feel like so much about who we are dulls as we get older, the way we feel about things, etc. Like when you're younger and you see injustice you feel so much rage and it gets harder to maintain that level of emotion over a lifetime. Obviously I think there's a trade-off--there are things that get better with age, but I think there's something to the idea that it becomes harder to be impressed or really moved by anything. Anyway that's kind of how I feel. I do think, though, that downplaying immortality is a way we make ourselves feel better about being mortal.

ETA: lol I had way too many thoughts on this show last year. I think I broke my brain thinking bout stupid TV shows last year sigh.

ALSO please watch The Americans when you get it because it is AWESOME and also I want to know what you think!
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