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The A - Z Meme

A Rare Treat (a good blog to check out) recently posted responses to the A-Z meme and I fancied having a blast through the categories:

Author you’ve read the most books from:

Terry Pratchett. He’s got a loooong backlist but I think I’ve only got a few left to read: "Maurice’s Educated Rodents", Discworld books published after "Unseen Academicals", "I Shall Wear Midnight" (although I could do with re-reading the other two Tiffany Aching books before I try that), "The Dark Side of the Sun" and "Strata", and his recent collaborations with Stephen Baxter. Oh and "The Unadulterated Cat" which I am always forgetting about. So, still a few left to enjoy for the first time but plenty under my belt.

Best Sequel Ever:

"Behemoth" by Scott Westerfeld springs to mind. It had me at steam punk elephants.

Currently Reading:

"The Queen of Attolia" by Meghan Whalen Turner and I am already in bits.

Drink of Choice While Reading:

It depends what time of day it is but probably either water (keeps the brain active) or a really nice cider (which does not but is delicious).

E-reader or Physical Book?

Let’s keep it purely physical shall we? I think e-books are a great invention but I spend so much time in front of a screen at work, and then blogging, that I need books to be my screen breaks.

Fictional Character You Probably Would Have Actually Dated In High School:

Oh, it’s got to be Edward Cullen because in high school I was hanging around with goth boys and was really desperate.

Glad You Gave This Book A Chance:

"The Scorpio Races" by Maggie Stiefvater. I had a mixed time with one of her earlier books but this one was absolutely right for me. I’m so glad Renay convinced me to give it a go.

Hidden Gem Book:

"The Map of My Dead Pilots" by Colleen Mondor. Probably everyone is bored of hearing me talk about this one but I think a great piece of creative non-fiction about flying in Alaska needs (and deserves) all the cheer-leading it can get.

Important Moment in your Reading Life:

The year our English teacher introduced us to "Romeo and Juliet" by showing us the Baz Luhrmann film version was pretty important. My first taste of Shakespeare was this exciting, off the wall spectacle and I’ve never really forgotten that. Even though later education tried to knock the fun out of Shakespeare’s stuff means I’ve always been excited to come back to the plays. I hear a lot of people say that school put them off Shakespeare and I can see why; our GCSE group had to slog through "Julius Caesar" with another teacher and it was a scaring experience. If I hadn’t had that first experience I might have been put off too and then I’d have missed out on so much of my favourite stuff. Theatre productions, re-tellings, other films – oh how I would have missed them!

Just Finished:

"Embassytown" (I maybe liked it even better than "Kraken"). And "The Summer Prince" by Alaya Dawn Johnson and I have been telling everybody about it. It’s got revolution, art, boys making out and girls trying to save the world despite being afraid. But also some Brazilian world building which may feel weird to people familiar with the real world location (I have put all the thoughts in a doc which will turn into a post eventually).

Kinds of Books You Won’t Read:

Self-help or diet books. Novels about middle aged men whose wives don’t understand them. Novels about single women whose only character points are sadness and frustration at their single status.

Longest Book You’ve Read:

It must still be "A Suitable Boy" by Vikram Seth as I never made it all the way through "Anna Karenina".

Major book hangover because of:

"My Cousin Rachel" by Daphne Du Maurier. It took me weeks to stop putting other books down in disgust.

Number of Bookcases You Own:

There’s one in my room but there four in the house in total. And there are quite a lot of boxes too…

One Book You Have Read Multiple Times:

"The Virgin Suicides" by Jeffrey Eugenides. I just want more of those girls and I should probably watch the film version to get it.

Preferred Place To Read:

Ideally, by the pool on holiday.

Quote that inspires you/gives you all the feels from a book you’ve read:

I feel like I’ve worn out my favourite Jane Eyre quote so let’s have something different:

“It’s easy to convince men to love you, Puck. All you have to do is be a mountain they have to climb or a poem they don’t understand. Something that makes them feel strong or clever. It’s why they love the ocean.” – "The Scorpio Races" by Maggie Stiefvater

Keep my feet on the ground that one.

Reading Regret:

I do wish I’d read the final Harry Potter book before the last film came out. I was sad to miss out on being swept up in all the nostalgia and emotion of the second end of canon. I promise I’ll try to complete the series eventually!

Series You Started And Need To Finish(all books are out in series):

Apart from Harry Potter? Meghan Whalen Turner’s "Queen’s Thief" series is all published now right? If not then I pick Angie Sage’s "Septimus Heap" series. A friend has lent some of them to me but I’m not making very good progress with them.

Three of your All-Time Favorite Books:

"Small Gods" – Terry Pratchett
"The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms" – N K Jemisin
"The Whitsun Weddings" – Philip Larkin (poetry – aren’t I fancy?)

Unapologetic Fangirl For:

YA in general. And Mira Grant’s "Newsflesh" trilogy.

Very Excited For This Release More Than All The Others:

"The Coldest Girl in Cold Town" by Holly Black. The release date is finally here!

Worst Bookish Habit:

I tend to buy books in a flurry of excitement and then leave them to sit on the shelf for years and years for no reason.

X Marks The Spot: Start at the top left of your shelf and pick the 27th book:

That would be "Gould’s Book of Fish" by Richard Flanagan. I read it a long time ago and parts of it are cemented in my brain.

Your latest book purchase:

I bought five in one go recently:

"The City’s Son" by Tom Pollock
"Noughts and Crosses" by Malorie Blackman
"Eleanor and Park" – Rainbow Rowell
"Beautiful Ruins" – Jess Walters
The official Pacific Rim novelisation

ZZZ-snatcher book (last book that kept you up WAY late):

Probably "Zoo City" by Lauren Beukes because I just had to know how everything was going to end. Detective stories get their hooks into me easily.

Of course what I really want is to see all your answers so if you’re feeling in the mood to meme please link me to your answers.

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I share Worst Bookish Habit with you. I get SO EXCITED about a book and then don't read it. For years.

I LOVED the Megan Whalen Turner books. I'm really glad to see you are already there with The Queen of Attolia.

And yes, the Tiffany Aching books are absolutely wonderful. You should re-read and then go for I Shall Wear Midnight. :D

Meghan - Medieval Bookworm