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Dark Nights, TV and A Few Other Things

It's autumn - that means that TV starts recovering some of its panache.


First - the ending of "Peaky Blinders". OMG. I trust though that because this show is generally tricksy, and employs a subversion of expectations at least once an episode, the ending is not as it seems. GOOD. Let's all just hold on to that until series two is announced (pleeeeease - *suddenly understands how people felt when "The Hour" got cut after series two*).

"Homeland" is back and I still love it. Even three series in, which is generally where TV magic starts to wear off. Even after Brody's over wrought speech at the end of last series. Dana has officially become my favourite character this year - I direct you to her, if you're looking for a really interesting teen character who has been through hell and come out with a lot of knowledge.

"The Paradise" starts again this week. I have mixed feelings because I really enjoyed this for comfort watching last year, but I'm not sure we need another series. On the other hand moar Catherine :) And Dudley is going to get an actual story line of his own (though it looks like it is going to be about him deserting his wife, so...HMM).

"Downton Abbey" continues to be awful and has been bumped to 'catching up in the week TV' in my rotation, rather than a live watch.

"SHIELD" is unbearably dull. If it gets better will someone let me know so I can catch up at the end?

The trailer for the "Dr Who" anniversary episode has been shown now which means I need to catch up on last series. Yes, I have fallen out of love with the program but not so far out that I wouldmiss the anniversary show it seems. Matt Smith's impending character death makes me sad, even though I'm excited to see Capaldi :(

Any news on when "The Bletchley Circle" will return? I liked the first series, but it was very much a three part pilot so the characters didn't quite develop as much as we all might have liked. I predict they could become more personalities than types in the second series. Excited.

I want to write about "Orphan Black" but don't have time :( Cosima is so awesome everyone. I really hope her minder falls in love with her, or that she gets to meet an even hotter lady who loves her.


I'm thinking about getting S4 of TVD... Maybe... Please persuade me one way or the other internet ;)

I went out and bought "Ultraviolet", a six-part British vampire series - mostly because it had Idris Elba in it. I'm looking forward to settling in with that in the near future.

And "Parks and Recreation" series five is in my very near future. I'm so excited! I might have an episode marathon next weekend.


Currently reading "The Mistress of the Art of Death" by Ariana Franklin and it's just what I wanted. Funny, shows off its research and has really loveable characters. Plus, the murder side is really creepy. When I was a teen I loved Diana Norman's (A F's legal name) historical novels that focused on female characters, and it's great to hear a voice similar to the one in those books appear in this mystery novel.

What will come after that? Well, I think "Orleans" for Aarti's SFF book event, and then I will make Ana oh so happy by diving into Francise Hardinge's "Fly By Night" which I have been eyeing for a while now.


Work is weird, and kind of up and down in ways I can't really talk about in internet public. One minute it's an exciting new challenge, the next I am unbelievably weary of it all. Some of this is down to the job. Some is down to the way the job interacts with my own personality type. Maybe once I get the project I'm currently working on done I'll feel a little more settled.

The job is also throwing off my writing schedule. I have managed to start a post about "Cold Magic" and "The Queen of Attolia" but have no clue when I'll have time and energy to go back to it. And I have four more books I really want to write big chunks about but not sure if I'll get to them before the urge to write disappears.

But I might be planning a trip to the Harry Potter studio tour (in the UK, not Harry Potter world or whatever the American site is called). Yay, yay, yay. I think I tell everyone that I can't call my self a HP fan because I still haven't read the last book, but in my heart I still think I'm a fan because I read the first three books at least ten times each. If this comes off I will be so happy.

That's it from me for now. I do wish I had time to write more and better quality posts but I am enjoying giving myself the freedom to write scrappy up date posts rather than nothing at all. Hope they're ok for anyone reading for the time being.

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Does UK Netflix not have TVD?? Totally unfair if not!
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COSIMAAAAAAA. I LOVE HER SO MUCH JODIE. But let me shut up for now *bites tongue* :P

Curious to see what you think of Mistress of the Art of Death when you finish it. I started out really enjoying it but then it totally went off the rails for me :( But it's been long enough that I'm fuzzy on the details.


RE: writing schedule, I hear you. Maybe this is something that we could talk about in more detail later, but just quickly: I find it really helpful to create notepad files with detailed stream of consciousness notes when the urge to write is strong but I know I'll have little time. These are very, very rough (I wouldn't even call them first drafts, more like 0.1 drafts) but they help me capture not only my ideas but also more or less the emotional tone of my response to the book, so that when I'm ready to write four months down the line I can transport that to a more polished post. Also, rereading them often brings the urge to write about a certain piece of media just when I think it's gone for good. Just recently I opened a notes file about a book I read over a year ago and I've been itching to finish it up and post it ever since. Obviously this is not something that will necessarily work for everyone, but it does for me, so I thought I'd share.
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Downton Abbey. :( *commiserates*

I totally relate to that job situation, when sometimes it is great and exciting, and sometimes it is just exhausting.

It is probably bad advice to say "write posts when you want to," because that's what I do, and thus I almost always write off-the-cuff squee posts or whatever, and very rarely manage in-depth analysis of any kind. But it shouldn't be a big stress either? Or something like that!
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What I love most about "Ultraviolet" is that Idris Elba steals scenes by wandering into the background and leaning his hip on a desk or something.
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IDRIS ELBA. That's it, that's the comment. *waves*
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hmmm, people seem to REALLY be enjoying s5 of TVD so you might want to go with it.

I myself decided to watch The Originals and I really like it so much despite not liking the backdoor pilot, never know lol.

aw another Cosima lover. Lol, it's funny how my all my bookish internet friends seem to favor her. I like her as well (I ~feel for all the clones) but for some reason her story didn't compel me as much as the others did, but I think she'll get meatier stuff next season. gah I already feel like I need a rewatch of the show!