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More quick thoughts on some TV I've been watching, including me trying to lure you into a terrible new vampire show

1.) Ha ha ha - Dracula. You should all probably watch it tho >.> Katie Mcgrath is Lucy just in case my last two reblogs didn't tip you off (please save Lucy), and Mina Harker is a scientist, and they made it TV canon for JRM to be able to fail out of doing his America accent when it all gets too much. Also, cleolinda started a Dracula related Tumblr which is full of Mina/Lucy gifs, and there's a Lucy Tumblr which contains more of the same. Why, if you were watching the show you could gaze at both of those in context.

2.) "Atlantis" is still essentially the same show as "Merlin". I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY THEY CANCELLED MERLIN TO REPLACE IT WITH THE SAME SHOW. The character dynamics could be from Merlin, the big theme is the unalterable nature of fate, the jokes are the same... Why did you kill my show just to replace it with this BBC? I am genuinely bewildered. I mean I enjoy it - I am a big fan of pop-culture that messes around with classic sources with total messy abandon. And there are lots of female characters now so yay, but I'm pretty confident that I would have enjoyed a proper ending to Merlin 100% more. Also, that ending makes me real cautious about getting attached to anyone with a famous mythological fate in "Atlantis", because it's likely they'll still meet their terrible end in this program. So, I'm laughing but I'm wary... #savemedusa

3.) "Downton Abbey" actually did one good thing this week because it gave me Jack Ross (Gary Carr) in tails, singing "I'm Just Wild About Harry" as a birthday surprise for Lord Grantham. Could have been improved by Jack snogging Thomas, but I will take him making out with Rose in the servants hall.

4.) The "Orphan Black" finale has been shown here and this program was so great. Let's just watch this and "Peaky Blinders" on repeat, ok? Alison and Felix! And, Donnie - boo, hiss. I was right not to trust him, and I feel so vindicated! Now all we need is for "Homeland" to show that Saul is a terrorist as I suspect and all will be well with the TV world. I really want to write about "Orphan Black", but I just keep ending up putting it off and writing quick posts like this. Perhaps I need people to ask me questions about the show to motivate me?

5.) Speaking of "Homeland", if you're watching series three please come to talk to me about episode four. Some TV writers here think it has lost steam, and I am at a loss to find words which fully reflect how wrong I think they are.

6.) Remember when I said I didn't think we needed a second series of "The Paradise"? Yeah, I was wrong. I had forgotten how great it is! Denise wants to be Moray. And Catherine is still fabulously complex with her schemes, and her wishes, and her hurts, and her desire to control, and her what seems to be genuinely affection for her adopted child. <3 Also, Clara! Clare/Denise - this is my only ship pairing for the series, apart from Dudley/Moray. I do think the individual episodes contain some off elements (Sam, Sam is a huge off element). And judging from the way Miss Aubrey's story line was resolved it is going to struggle to resolve its ultimate theme of career vs marriage without dashing all my hopes. But I kind of adore it as comfort watching, and think it does do character very well in several cases.

7.) I watched Ben and Leslie get married in "Parks and Rec" series five so now everything is great and nothing hurts. Their wedding was so great, the dress was a dream and 'I love you and I like you' - freaking A+. And I loved Anne's bit about being prepared for a quick dash wedding because Leslie's antics over the years had totally prepared her. I also have to re-iterate how great April/Andy are - I love how supportive they are of each other. Oh, and how much I like Chris this season as he deals with his issues (a theme which is used for comedy, but at the same time a theme that shows him actually getting more able to deal with his concerns about dying).

8.) "Under the Dome" - I don't understand where Barbie thinks he is running to. He is under a dome. Also, Julias accepting him even though he killed her husband happened really fast, right? I expected at least a short deliberation. And I love Junior's character development but he should be made to stand 50 feet away from Angie. I am constantly afraid he will lock her up again. Oh, and Max died waaaaay too soon. She was the best devil I've seen in ages.
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"Perhaps I need people to ask me questions about the show to motivate me?"

Happy to try and think of some :D

"I watched Ben and Leslie get married in "Parks and Rec" series five so now everything is great and nothing hurts."

I KNOW RIGHT? And the episode with April and Andy's wedding was so great too. This show: all the feels all the time.
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Alison and Felix!

They are the best, i love them so much.