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nymeth ([personal profile] nymeth) wrote in [personal profile] bookgazing 2014-03-10 07:21 pm (UTC)

"That’s pretty much how it went down." You know that's totally not how I remember it, right? :P In my head I was the one following you two around online. I guess this is our daily reminder that memory and perception are tricky things and that what we see as excessive enthusiasm doesn't necessarily come across that way to other people :P I wish I remembered how I first found your blog - probably through a comment or through seeing you hanging out at the blogs of mutual friends. It feels like it was easier to meet people that way back then, and I kind of miss it. Though to be fair, my life has changed every bit as much as the blogging world has. Anyway, you remember right about the mailing list that never was and that eventually became LB :D

This was really fun to read, so thanks for sharing. It got me thinking about my own long and tortuous online history. Ah, memory lane - maybe a subject for a tumblr post sometime?

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