chaila: Elizabeth Bennet reading a book, from the 2005 movie. (austen - lizzie/books)
chaila ([personal profile] chaila) wrote in [personal profile] bookgazing 2014-03-27 02:12 am (UTC)

This was a really interesting read! I've become the opposite; my job now requires me to long form write ALL THE TIME; analyzing and constructing arguments is basically my entire job at the moment. And thus I have no motivation to do it for fun anymore, even though fannish writing would be on topics totally and completely unrelated to my professional writing. Still. I'm always impressed by people who can do it regularly and coherently like you do. And I feel like I get a better understanding of things by reading other people's writings, and then thinking about it or ideally having a conversation about it, so blogs like yours are great for me! Presuming I ever start reading books without pictures regularly again. :)

Close analysis breeds love for the oddest of subjects

I love this!

Emails, screechy and otherwise, always welcome!

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