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Making a post last Wednesday didn't really work out. And I was reminded that without scheduled posts weekday posts probably aren't going to happen. So, I'll try using the Reading on Wednesday format but on a weekend and see how that goes.

What are you currently reading?

Nothing. I've been hopefully carrying "Ascension" with me to work and back, but I've been so beat this week (your monthly reminder that periods suck) that I haven't had much energy for reading on the bus. I might start it this weekend, but there's A LOT of new TV and some leaving the house going on tomorrow so it might be a Monday book.

What did you recently finish reading?

"Ancillary Justice" which I would now like everybody I know to read and talk to me about. Renay, I left you a comment!

What will you read next?

Definitely "Ascension". Onwards with the Hugo reading!

What are you watching?

I've watched a little bit more of "Person of Interest". Carter is so great! And I ship Reese/Finch like anything. The way Reese says Harold is lovely.

Regular TV has been lacking this week, plus the final episode of "Dracula" was on and it was soul destroying. My joint second fav is probably dead, which is terrible news. Tomorrow though, well tomorrow is going to be a great TV evening. "Call the Midwife" returns and then I can choose between either new "Mr Selfridge" or "The Musketeers".

In other news...

It was my birthday this week and I took a day off. I received some presents including cool books like "The Fishing Fleet" and the box set of "Hannibal" so I can catch up. And I ate tapas, pancakes and got a bit drunk in my house. Good times!

I also made a resolution to make birthday cards for all my friends cards and send them out on time for the rest of the year (small goals are good).

Oh and I saw "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" because Idris Elba and history. I had no idea Naomi Harris was going to play Winnie Mandela, so that was an added bonus. The film did take a whistle stop tour through Mandela's life, which meant the pace was quite fast, but I thought that style worked surprisingly well. The shots didn't feel overly simple or symbolic, which would have been an easy trap to fall into with so much content to work through. And it was a very smooth ride of a film (except in a couple of places during the Robben Island years, where some details felt rushed or a bit choppy).

Next on my watch list is "12 Years a Slave" which promises to be very visceral. I haven't seen a Steve McQueen film yet, but the clips I have seen always give me the feeling that his films are kind of interested in the working body and ooze sweat, grime and bodily pain.


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