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What are you currently reading?

"Ascension" by Jacqueline Koyanagi and it is proving to be trope perfect for me right now. People who were starships, domestic spaceship bonding, gardens in space, romance between subordinates and employees, machine love and 'We can't be together' romantic tension. Also, this book has a great world set-up; very different and diverse.

There are still a couple of kinks. I am a little concerned about the implications of Ovie's paranormal traits. And the writing is a little too ebullient for my taste in places - it gets carried away with the mystical joy of the universe in a way which makes it kind of hard to actually connect with the feelings that contemplating space engenders. Otherwise loving it.

What will you read next?

My Hugo reading list tells me I now only have four novels left to read before Hugo nominations (unless I choose to also try and read "Fiddlehead" by Cherie Priest. I'm wondering if I can take a quick Hugo break, or if I'm being too cocky... I have two graphic novels I'd like to read as well and some short stories but I also really fancy Kameron Hurley's "Infidel" right now.

What are you watching?

I watched three more episodes of "The Legend of Korra" and wow this series is bleak. I'm looking forward to the eps Ana put on her draft Hugo ballot. Speaking of which, we all threw down some rough nomination ideas at Lady Business and this is your last call to sign up for a supporting membership if you want to nominate in March (you need to sign up by 31st of Jan if you don't hold a membership from last year's Con).

In scheduled TV I'm settled in with regular programs again, which is nice. I like to have TV I'm interested in to watch on catch up during the looooong week. So its now, "Call the Midwife" (yay), "Mr Selfridge" (Agnes is NOT to get together with Victor again, do you hear me program?!), "The Musketeers" (ok, if you enjoy fight scenes, which I do) and "The Bletchley Circle" (a concerning week for fans of Millie this week).

This weekend I plan to watch "Freeway" and maybe more "Korra" depending on time.

In other news...

I am massively tired and will only be leaving the house this weekend to celebrate my dad's birthday. If I am very motivated I may put my "Bastille" album onto my mp3 player.

In writing news, I'm working on a piece about "Dracula" which so far can mostly be summed up as "Hurray, Renfield and Lucy" or "Boo, hiss Jonathan". It is not very sophisticated :P

Also, I am considering using the Waterstones gift cards I got for my leaving present from the last job. What should I absolutely buy right now?


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