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So, so happy it's Friday!

What did you just finish reading?

I took a break from my Hugo list to read "Infidel" by Kameron Hurley and I finished it today. I am deep in this series now, there is no escape for me. I'm in that weird position I feel like media consumers fall into a lot, where I don't know whether to order the last book from the USA and get to it right away or delay reading the last book *sob*. There is a short story in the same world though, so I guess I could read "Rapture" right after Hugo nominations close and then save the short story for when I miss having new in world stuff. Meghan, be aware I am going to try and get you into these books *stares*.

What will you read next?

Something for Hugos? I can't work up the nerve to read "Shining Girls" - urgh, I need to get over my fear. I read the first couple of pages and freaked a little at the level and type of violence. Not sure I'm going to get over that this weekend, so I'm not sure whether to go with "The Coldest Girl in Coldtown" or the "Hawkeye" graphic volume instead. Opinions?

What are you watching?

I'm much further along with "Korra". I think I've got four episodes to go now. I'm unsure about a lot of aspects of this series, but I really like the tone this year. It's such a departure from a lot of "Avatar" and the first series of "Korra" that it's making a big impression on me.

This weekend I want to watch more POI and perhaps "Byzantium" which has arrived from Love Film.

Listening to?

I put "Bad Blood" by Bastille on repeat. "Daniel and the Lions" is probably my favourite song right now; it's beating out "Weight of Living" which surprised me. I am currently looking for music suggestions that I can investigate via free taster sources if anyone is interested in reccing stuff to me.

I've also been catching up on Lady Business+ podcasts. Renay put up three episodes recently, and I just have the "Raven Boys" podcast to go (which I'm saving for after I write my own review).

In other news...

Hey, chaila I got the first series of "Luther"! :D

This weekend I'm going out for my friend's birthday, so I expect to be kind of hungover on Sunday (hence the plan to watch "Byzantium"). Since I started working the new job I try to minimize hangovers (also ugh hangovers get so much worse as I get older) because my weekend time is so precious and I always have a lot of things I want to get done. This weekend though, I feel good about how much writing I've done recently and I kind of want to take a break to dive into media just for fun, so it seems ok to get a little sloppier :P

I'm also going to use hangover day as an excuse to watch more Festivids. So far I've only watched the fantastic "Black Flowers", which is a "Call the Midwife" vid that focuses on the nuns (it spends a lot of time on Sister Bernadette). This weekend I want to investigate the "Pacific Rim" vids.

Oh, and I plan to nominate for rarewomen this weekend. Even if you can't write fic you can nominate female characters for this fic exchange. So excited to see what comes out of this in 2014.


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