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After my last post, I bought all the things. Packages are still arriving, so I'll do a round up when they're all here but I am enjoying seeing the swag roll in.

In book news I've been having trouble committing. I haven't really read anything in a couple of weeks, but this weekend I started "The Deep" by Zetta Elliott. I got it because I wanted to see waaaaaay more Nyla and I am getting just that, but I'm still not sure I'm into the writing style of this series.

I think the reason I haven't been reading much is because I'm coming down to the business end of my Hugo novel list which means there's less reading choice. Also, I'm now trying to decide if I want to read works that are eligible but that I'm unlikely to nominate (the third part of a trilogy, or a sixth book from a series that can apparently be read as a standalone work) before Hugos. The books I'm least likely to nominate because they're part of a set of works are the ones I most want to read right now (of course) but I feel like I should be maximizing my Hugo reading to get a more rounded view of the category.

I should also be reading short stories for Hugos but everything I want to read is either in an anthology I don't have, or online. I can't stress enough how much I hate reading published fic on screen, so that's not getting done right now.

In writing I have started my review of "Ancillary Justice". It's a complex book to unpack and I would like to do it a little justice, so it's taking a bit of time to pull everything together. I'm also deciding which bits of the backlash phase of criticism I want to address (really only one review, because I think it makes good points) and how much I want to say pffff to and plain ignore (probably quite a lot of it).

TV - I have mostly been glued to Winter Olympics. There are so many sports that really make you wonder how and why people thought to do something in the first place :) I wanted to write something about the Olympics the other day (the politics; how sport finds a growing participatory culture awesome while the arts world generally wrings its hands; the cultural response to the new Russian laws) but it would take forever and once the contest is over no one will want to read pieces about the games as a political show piece. Anyway, two medals for the UK (both from female athletes) and the curling is becoming nail bitingly intense! I'm so into it.

What's left? Oh yes, films. Last night I watched "The Late Quartet" which quickly made my list of top terrible films. "I want to make a philosophical point but can't work out how to do it subtly so I will just have my characters say a speech", "Adultery is nothing in the face of terminal illness", "What is this (admittedly very sexy) older man had a relationship with this much younger woman - CUTTING EDGE IDEA!". Fail.

Then today I tried "How I Live Now" and just couldn't get past how different the film's version Daisy was to the book's version osDaisy. It was like... the creators just couldn't quite deal with the idea that a caring, committed, sad young woman could survive such awful experiences so they ratcheted her up to a hard nosed angry teenage rebel cliche. And they gave a really weird message about anorexia at the end of the film (essentially being anorexic is silly and if you had real problems you'd just get over it). Maybe if I hadn't read the book first I would have liked it more because this Daisy is a spiky female character and I tend to like them so very much. Also, I missed the weird garden from the end of the book. The guy playing Eddie is hot though.

That's all from me. How have you been?


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