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Tomorrow is Read-A-Thon :D I've made very hermit like plans this year and will mostly be reading rather than checking in online. So, I'm just leaving a post now for any cheerleaders who might want to come and say hi. Thanks so much for dropping by anyone - cheerleaders are so valuable and I always love getting their comments of encouragement.

In other reading news I feel like making reading plans for next month aside from the couple of projects I am working on with people. I just can't decide which set of plans to fix on so I thought I'd see if anyone had any opinions. There are two choices:

Plan One - Books Recommended By Friends

Mission: Spend May reading some of the many book recommended to me by friends.

"Twilight Robbery" - Francis Hardinge
"Rosemary and Rue" - Seanan McGuire
"Captain Marvel: In Pursuit of Flight" - Kelly Sue DeConnick
"The Disreputable History of Frankie Landeau Banks" - E. Lockhart

Plan Two - Complete the Series

Mission: Complete some of the many, many series I've started but haven't finished (mostly because the end of a series is weirdly sad even when you really want to know what happens).

Books 3 & 4 of the Queen's Thief Series - Meghan Whalen Turner
"The Shadowed Sun" - N K Jemisin
"Rapture" - Kameron Hurley
"Monsters of Men" - Patrick Ness
Breaking Dawn" - Stephanie Myer
"Cold Steel" - Kate Elliott
"Half a Crown" - Jo Walton

Want to help me make hard choices? Then leave a comment below. And if you think there's anything I should add to either list let me know :)


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