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I should be writing big ol' reviews or something, but I wanted to say HI and I just saw this post on Tumblr about personal posts so here's a quick update.


I re-watched "Catching Fire" for a podcast I'm doing with Renay and it was even better than I remembered. There are so many little moments that catch and hold. Can't wait for the final film now.

I went to see "X-Men Days of Future Past" this week and that story line is still as weird as anything :D It's one of my top three favourite stories from the X-Men cartoons, because I'm me and it's hard for me not to love something that just discards story continuity because time travel.

Still, I wasn't a huge fan of this film. I like the main cast from the first three films more than the cast from the films set in the past. So, a film which concentrates on young Charles and Magneto isn't going to be totally my flavour no matter how much Wolverine you shove in I'm afraid. And as always with this franchise the focus is on guys, although Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique was still much more prominent than I expected. Yay for Jennifer Lawrence trying to push her wonderful acting into this franchise. But, come on, we should absolutely have had more Blink.

However, I did love the bits of fan service that turned up. The ending was just the creators getting that everyone wants to see Jean again even if there's no real reason to bring her back. And I adore that this franchise is still on it with naked Wolverine. There were some uncomfortable dudebros in my screening during that scene which made me exceptionally happy - like OMG, this action film explicitly caters to the female gaze once. How squicky for you >.> And Fassbender was great as Magneto - I wish we could have a past and present film all about Magneto.

Today I'm off to see "Malificent" and I have big dreams and hopes for this film. Cross your fingers.


"The Shadowed Sun" was fantastic. It's on my list to review.

I'm in the middle of "Sister's Red" for a project and I have a lot of feelings about it. I am mostly annoyed at the potential this story had and how it appears to be throwing that away.

I'm also re-reading "The City & The City". Crime + SFF = love.

And this is the weekend I'll be starting "Monsters of Men". It's finally happening!


"Orphan Black" continues to be my main TV pre-occupation. I think it's the strongest program on TV at the moment, bar "Hannibal", despite a bit of a bumpy series two set up. Last week's episode with Helena appearing in the bloody wedding dress was just incredibly messed up and amazing. I'm also glad to see they appear to have figured out how to fit Rachel into the series because the first few episodes left her so marginal. And Art and Angie continue to be favs of mine so I hope there will be more of them.

I still await Paul's death eagerly.

I also saw the season finale of "The Mentalist" and I would really like it if this terrible series could be the last one we ever see. There was a lot I enjoyed about this series as a fan of the show's goofy side and the minor characters, but the concept for it was just terrible. And, while I believed Jane's emotion faces at other times in the series, the sequence on the plane felt so overdone I couldn't deal with it. By the way, did anyone think the idea of the plane scene was very tasteless considering recent history?

Is anyone watching "Happy Valley" the new crime show from the writer of "Scott & Bailey"? It started out shaky, but it's picked up and I love the family drama element.

Creative Stuff

So, I worked out which piece of fan-fic I want to do next and it is something almost no one I know will want - POI white guy shipping. The working title is "Five Ways to Communicate with Your Partner". We'll see how it goes.

I made a playlist for Wiscon 38's Vid Party called <http://wiscon-vidparty.dreamwidth.org/10922.html#cutid10">What Women Want: Agency, Control and Desire". I highly recommend all the vids I put on there - so many talented vidders. And you should go check out the other playlists too because they're great!

And I wrote a short review of a Hugo nominated short story over at LB. Hopefully short reviews of short fic will become a regular thing from me, in a series called "Short Business" (if you think too hard about names you never get anything done). I've already read another Hugo nominated short story and hope to review it soon.


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