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bookgazing ([personal profile] bookgazing) wrote2014-05-02 11:27 pm

They Got a Dog

1.) Kristin Cashore's books are amazing. I think "Graceling" is still my favourite, but I fell in love with the characters of "Fire" (actually had a little trouble moving on from them). I did end up thinking "Bitterblue" was probably the most accomplished novel though. The plot works and kept its mystery, which the other two struggled to do. Of course, having burned through all three books in three weeks I'm in the same situation as when I finished "The Dream Thieves". I'm just peering around at the many, many books in my house and turning away from them huffily because they're not by one particular author.

2.) It's probably best for me to work on finishing off series right now. Reading all of Cashore's book so quickly reignited my passion for reading which, if it hasn't been exactly flagging, has been quite easily pushed out of the way to make space for other more practical tasks/moping. I think for a while I lost the excited feeling I used to have when I thought about starting a new story and was just left feeling like starting a new book would be too much work. I need to foster the feeling of my blood and brain fizzling with excitement as I read and focusing on fictional worlds I already know I enjoy is probably a good place to start.

3.) I need to make space if I want to buy more books. It is simply impossible to fit anything else in the space that I have and I need to have a major clear out. I have such a hard time giving books away, but I've been building up to it by clearing out a couple of boxes of other things in the garage. I will have to resist the strong urge to cling because I might want to read something in twenty years time. That's what libraries are for!

4.) There are still so many things to do and not enough time to do them in. So many tempting projects and so few hours. Bank Holiday must be used to its maximum.

5.) "Orphan Black" S2 is in the UK and you better believe I'm going to talk about it a lot. I think we're an episode behind the US so at least there isn't a huge lag like with the first series. Alison is in a musical?!

6.) In case anyone is keeping up with my "Person of Interest" news Amy and I are moving on to S2. In the first episode John Reese got a dog and named him Bear. It's possible I may be dead by the end of this series if these antics continue.

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