bookgazing: (Default)
bookgazing ([personal profile] bookgazing) wrote2014-08-08 07:53 pm

This Week I...

Started volunteering
Saw a shoplifter rob the charity shop where I'm volunteering
Read and loved my library book, "The Complete Stories" of Alice Walker
Returned a different, failsome book to the library
Filled in a job application form
Realised how many workplaces want you to fill in individual application forms
Talked to a friend and received boosting chat
Had writerly doubts
Received more "Legend of Korra" episodes
Did not buy a Mary Renault book, which I now regret greatly
Started talking about a new internet project
Probably started thinking about doing other internet projects - maybe too many things
Did not write any new reviews
Wrote parts of a co-review
Booked a spa day
Bought animal print pens
Found a travelator in a superstore and rode it for fun (and to get stationary... which turned out to be animal print pens)
Finally saw "Dawn of the Apes" after going twice to find that tickets were sold out
Failed out of starting an exercise regime for the third week in a row
Opened, sorted and recycled all the junk post I've been avoiding for the past few months

So some good, some bad and some boring!

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