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bookgazing ([personal profile] bookgazing) wrote2014-08-16 11:54 pm

Who Steals From Charity Anyway?

I am still not really over that charity shoplifting incident. I want to be able to go 'Well if you have to steal from a charity shop then you must be desperate and I feel for you, but please never come back and steal from my shop'. However, the reality is that this time it was a group of organised guys who targeted a charity shop because we don't have the security measures that are in place (or at least look like they're in place) at major retail stores. And the guy I spotted leaving our shop with stolen goods was so brazen - he went against everything in the training manual about stealing; he wasn't extremely shifty or extremely in my space, but I now recognise that he was probably trying to distract me while his buddies had a look around. I'm pretty paranoid at the moment, and making huge use of the devices in place to keep a check on people in particular sections of the shop while compensating by being extra pleasant to customers. It brought me down though, because - as a lot of you have asked via e-mail - who steals from the charity? I mean I knew people did (there's a shop in the same town that had all its cash taken four times in one year) but it wasn't quite a reality until I saw this guy walk off with something.

Hey ho, what do we do when life tries to crush our optimism? I chose to go shopping for books because I still have money. I had a small book spree this week, picking up:

"Take Back the Skies" - Lucy Saxon (because sky ships and, I assume, sky pirates)
"The Last Wild" - Piers Torday (lovely cover that I have been eyeing for a while)
"Why We Took the Car" - Wolfgang Herrndorf (because sometimes you want a book that sounds like pure fun)
"Daughter of Smoke and Bone" - Laini Taylor (finally, finally caved)

And I made some library plans, because they have "Broken Monsters", "The Haunting of Hill House", "The Promise of Blood" and some Patricia Highsmith books in. The library is amazing. I'm having a great library book run at the moment - just finished The Complete Stories of Alice Walker, which was a fabulous collection, and I'm now half way through "The Flamethrowers" by Rachel Kushner, a book which I am sure to be evangelising about soon.