bookgazing: (Default)
bookgazing ([personal profile] bookgazing) wrote2014-08-26 08:31 pm

Writing Fear

I am having the writing fear. I haven't done any kind of solo writing in maybe a month and a half :\ When I got over losing my job I thought 'Well, at least I'll be able to write a lot now.' and I determined to follow my writing heart dreams, but that is not quite working out... I have a lot of ideas, but when I think about actually making the words outside of my head I get hit by the feeling that they will be terrible, embarrassing, and illogical. So, I've been doing job applications and organising things which for me is like productive procrastination; both a way of getting things done and a bad habit of deferring my dreams.

I figured I probably need to actually write out that this is what I'm doing somewhere in order to stop doing it. Maybe that will work. Let's see!

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