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My Triumphant Return


So, I decided I could do with a little quick and easy journalling space this year. Recently, I saw [ profile] goodbyebird talking about a dreamwidth ressurgance, so I thought I would hop over and see if I can make reasonably regular short update posts here work. I also really want to use my Reading Page to start keeping up with people again, as I'm one of those people who has ditched a feedreader for checking for links on Twitter and, meh, that method was ok before Twitter's new ordering system turned up but now kind of sucks.

What this journal will NOT become:

  • A place to moan about work things

  • A place where I can't post an entry unless I wrote it in Google docs first and took three editing passes at it before posting

  • A return to a long reads review/essay journal

Instead it's going to be quick updates about what I'm reading, watching, trying to do outside of work, and maybe some links to reviews. Enjoy :)

Currently Watching: Last year I finished up my Gilmore Girls re-watch (so lovely), and I decided I liked doing full show rewatches so much I'd do one in 2019. This time around I've picked the much less comforting show The Vampire Diaries, and I'm about halfway through Series One. I'm also half way through The Final Table, which is a cooking contest for Chef's Table fans. Speaking of, I've gone back to Chef's Table. I'm a couple of episodes into Series Two, and I'd forgotten how calming the experience of watching it is. Otherwise I can probably be found watching period mysteries - Miss Fischer's Mysteries, Father Brown, and Grantchester among others. And [ profile] readingtheend and I are slowly working through a watch of Black Sails which is a lot of fun.

Currently Reading: I'm just at the start of my Hugo reading tear where I read a ton of SFF so I can nominate great things for the Hugo awards. This weekend I finished City of Ghosts, which was fine; pick it up if you want a solid, supernatural adventure story. I feel like it reads younger than it's been classified in some places though. I also read Batwoman, Vol. 1: The Many Arms of Death which enables me to go on to Vol. 2 (actually eligible for awards). Also, hopefully this doesn't make me a bad SFF fan, but I'm already craving a bit of reading variety - maybe I'll read a piece of non-fiction soon. I am noodling away on Calm the F**k Down by Sarah Knight because yeah, I really do need to if capitalism isn't going to be dismantled any time soon.

Otherwise: I got The Year of Wonder for my birthday, which gives you a piece of classical music to listen to every day and a little bit of context for the piece. Last year, I got a bit more interested in learning about classical music after watching a Lucy Worsley program about opera, and so far I'm enjoying just being able to easily dip in to lots of different pieces. The playlist is on Spotify so it's easy to find all the pieces.

I'm also thinking about trying to read a poem a day. Maybe I'll start that up in February now though.

I'm considering giving Instagram a go - just posting a crappy (seriously my photo skills are not great) but fun photo a day.

And I'm thinking about either giving craft a go again (maybe I'll try knitting one more time but keep my expectations of progress much lower) or getting a really fun colouring book and trying to do the whole thing in a year. Just really low pressure/productivity projects that aren't writing. I'll still be writing reviews and such at [community profile] ladybusiness (dreamwidth itself) and SFF Reviews. Maybe I'll even write fan-fic this year - who knows! Still, I think I could do with another creative pursuit that's not so public or tied up in ideas about productivity in my head if that makes sense, and making my own Christmas cards this year was felt so good that it gave me the urge to craft outside of the festive season.

Anyway, that's what I'm up to - how about you?
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[personal profile] goodbyebird 2019-01-20 06:35 am (UTC)(link)
Aww yay! 🙌 Looking forward to seeing you around, and hearing off the cuff thoughts on books and tv (where it doesn't subsequently get swallowed whole, never to be seen again). And you've arrived just in time, as DWinans have deckared it Frivolous February to cull that posting anxiety some people feel about their posts having to ~say something~. ok it's shitposting February, no one is willing to give that up hee

A poem a day sounds excellent. I've never really gotten into it myself, but the passing of Mary Oliver has highlighted so many of her poems for me, very much tempted to pick up at least a collection from her.

I'm back at work, so won't be up to much until mid-March, but am hoping to play through the Spider-Man game and - weather permitting - play some more VR.

Hope you find a creative outlet that works for you :)
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How lovely to see you here! Hi! Are you enjoying The Vampire Diaries? Cause, man, I have to say that there were about two seasons there when I fully thought there was no better show on TV than Vampire Diaries. There's so much plot! So many twists! It didn't need to be as good as it was for the latter two thirds of the first season and the full entire length of the second season. God. What a great show.
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[personal profile] renay 2019-01-21 05:00 am (UTC)(link)
omg Sarah Knight. I love her work. I am gonna turn her Fuck chart into an Actual Poster.
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[personal profile] janesgravity 2019-01-21 07:13 am (UTC)(link)
Funny, I've been thinking about starting to post on my DW account more, too. I really enjoyed Final Table. My favourite team, of course, was the one with the Kiwi chef :)

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Well hello again. :-) It's definitely good to find a creative pursuits that isn't tied to ideas about productivity like blogging is. Whatever the pursuit is, I hope you enjoy it.