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Music of the Moment - A Late 21st March

the literary omnivore wanted to know about my songs of the moment.

First an apology – I was convinced this was for 24th not 21st! Sorry it’s late!

You’ve caught me at a good time for musical obsession because I am currently tied up in a few songs. Can’t promise quality, but I like them (I’m pretty well known for my love of mainstream pop-folk):

"Daniel in the Den" – Bastille

I am in love with this whole messy album (how many folk trends you gonna put in one project, son?).

"A Certain Romance" – The Arctic Monkeys

I’m kind of collecting critiques of British small town living done by insiders.

"Candy" – Robbie Williams

In my head this plays alongside a vid detailing Caroline Forbes’ character evolution.

"Riverside" – Agenes Obel

Still stuck on this – it’s been about a year now. There's just so much delicacy in here, but it's matched with firm chords that give it a real spine.

"Hey Brother" – Aviccii

Someone could use this to make a really great Firefly fanvid…

"Counting Stars" – One Republic

And to finish, an adorable of the moment pop-folk deal which reminds me of a million YA books.

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And I am late commenting, so let's call it even. :)

I'd completely forgotten about the Arctic Monkeys! I need to revisit them. The Killers' second album, Sam's Town, is all about a mythical American small town somewhere in the desert, which I heartily recommend if you are willing to expand to my side of the pond for that specific topic in music. (See also: Bruce Springsteen.)

"Candy" is so bubbly and brassy! I dig it. Additionally, I would wear everything Williams sports in that video, so that's a plus as well.

"Riverside" is gorgeous.

I really need to sit down and listen to Aviccii. It sounds exactly like what I love.

"Counting Stars" is a good song (status: Enchantress and Lorelei video where Enchantress promises her sister that they'll never want for anything), but it's been overplayed for me on American radio as of late.