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I haven't taken my gift cards to Waterstones yet, but last night I got a comics craving and totally caved to it.

I never really feel like I will "get" comics, so I'm always a bit wary to try them, but I read the first volume of "Hawkeye" at the weekend on the recommendation of Jenny at "Reading the End" and had an overall good time with it. Thanks Jenny!

Since taking recommendations about comics from friends worked out so well once, I decided to keep pursuing friend recommendations to see if they could get me more into comics and before my fingers knew what they were doing I'd added a Wonder Woman volume to my internet basket. I chose to start with "The Circle" by Gail Simone since chalia has been deep into Wonder Woman for a while now and provided useful background to this collection.

I also found out I could have the second volume of "Hawkeye", so *ping* in it went. And I topped off my basket with the first collected volume of the now sadly cancelled "Young Avengers" because:

a.) #6 was excerpted in "Hawkeye" and it kind of captivated me
b.) I hate myself and so must watch all the cancelled series (see "Sarah Connor Chronicles")

Sadly I can't get "The Deep" by Tom Taylor until April, which is after Hugos close but I have pre-ordered it anyway because it looks like good fun. Get all the comics!

I have a couple of comics follow up questions if any of my comics knowledgeable friends would like to help out:

1.) Do I want to read "Birds of Prey" and if yes can I just start with the recent volumes?
2.) Do I want to read "Captain Marvel - In Pursuit of Flight"? It was advertised in the "Hawkeye" volume and looked cool, but online reviews are mixed.
3.) Do I want to watch "Justice League Unlimited"? It looks like it might be a fun cartoon but I haven't yet met anyone who has watched it.
4.) Got recommendations for more comics by female writers?

Yeah, I don't want much >.>

In other buying news I'm considering adding a few titles to my Hugo reading list. A non-fic work called "Afrofuturism: The World of Black SF and Fantasy Culture", Nnedi Okofar's short story collection "Kabu, Kabu" and another collection called "Let's All Go to the Science Fiction Disco". Has anyone read any of these and were you impressed?


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